Grantee Stories

Get to know each of the small businesses and nonprofits we have supported from the first round of funding. 

Microgrant Awardees

Below is a list of recipients of the Microgrant for Technology or Equipment. Applicants not selected in any round may reapply in the future. Access more detail on the “Apply” page.

Mario and Mabel Fernandez from MIA ELITE FOOTBALL are using OFB microgrant funding to buy updated player equipment and uniforms.

“These updates will ensure that our players have the necessary gear to play safely and comfortably and will also boost team morale and pride. Investing in equipment and uniforms is crucial for the development and success of our young athletes.”

CREO Grantees

Below is a list of the collaboratives who will receive support to buy commercial real estate.

“In any community, small businesses are the anchors,” says Jason Tapia, principal and lead architect of Building Center No 3, an award-winning local architecture firm that is using CREO funding to co-purchase shared office space in the Allapattah community alongside two other small business recipients.

“This opportunity gives me a chance to think about what the next 10-20 years looks like in terms of my practice and relationship to the community.”

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